Game Postings Please Read

Game Postings Please Read

PostPosted by Tommy » Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:43 pm

When a mission or campaign that is going to use the Community Game setting and or it's characters, there'll be a thread posted here to alert players and let them sign up to play. A GM will post a thread that details the mission, the play-times, and other things of importance.

Example 1

Title: Escort Mission on Coruscant, 6 player max, Tuesday night game
Out-of-character: Looking for 6 players, first come first serve, to play a single shot session on Tuesday night 7pm CST.
In-character Details: Kree Jac has acquired a contract from a business-man that needs some protection on the way down to a possibly unsafe business meeting with local gangsters on Coruscant. He promised a 8000 credit pay-out (to be divided out between the characters.)

Example 2

Title: Hosting a campaign of 7 players on a weekend day that fits the players best
Out-of-character: I want to host a campaign that will last maybe 2-3 sessions long on the weekend, after 8pm EST. New players get preferred slots to join.
In-character: A rumor has circulated around the ship that there is buried Sith treasure on a planet the ship is passing over, and a number of the crew band together to decide to explore for themselves and later catch up to the starship.
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