The Crew [Community Game Roster]

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The Crew [Community Game Roster]

PostPosted by Tommy » Mon Mar 13, 2017 5:28 pm

When not out doing missions or adventuring on personal objectives- your player character, more often than not, resides aboard the starship the community game uses a base setting. It's similar to a home in that all the player characters live in. Although a number of the crew is actively off the ship to do work, each of the player characters get to know each other rather easily when they work together, eat together, find little room away another, and sleep together. Whether your character likes another character or not, there's no escaping them!

Game-master characters are simply player characters that are owned by GM's and they are used to help direct the flow of players in the roleplay. For example, Kree Jac might negotiate a contract and give it out to the members onboard to complete, then return to piloting. Other player characters may be able to lead in the roleplay as well, though they have to step up to that position themselves.

Player Name / Timezone / Character Name / Character Gender + Species / Quote from Character

Game-master Characters:

Tommy / EST / Kree Jac / Male Zeltron / "There is nothing I can't bargain for!"

Player Characters:

Christian/ EST/ Sslavek Quickstike / Male Barabel / "Let's settle this in the ring, bugeyes."
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Re: The Crew [Community Game Roster]

PostPosted by cjbellace » Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:23 pm

Christian/ EST/ Swarag Kalach/ Male Besalisk (check D6Holocron)/ "Can I hit it yet brother?"
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