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The Lore

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Era: Old Republic

The Community Game: A wanderlust filled band of adventuring sentient life that dubbed themselves as the Star-hopper Company roamed the known galaxy to simply travel and enjoy their freedom on their group-funded starship. In the few years they were active before the signing of the Coruscant Treaty, they were a group of wanderers that made their dues by doing random jobs that interested them while they traversed across a number of star-systems. Sometime after the Sith Empire settled in and was here to stay for some time to come, the Star-hopper Company made it's way into Sith Empire space to explore the new faction. They spent a number of rotations visiting each planet, though near the end of their trip they were approached by a upper-class gentleman that was later to be recognized as Sith. The Lord took the party back to his estate where they were let loose upon by abominations that were of the Lord's own hand. Only a hand full of the voyagers of Star-hopper Company survived the encounter by fleeing into the surrounding planetside- some to die there and a couple finding their way off planet.

Kree Jac, a male Zeltron, was one of the few survivors. A number of other living Company members and himself found their way back to their ship, and left the planet hastily. Once back in safer space, the few remainders figured they had enough of child-like wandering through the dangerous galaxy and settled down. Their idea of work was to total their savings to start a mercenary company, as they were of high demand in the galaxy. The few compiled enough money to buy themselves ownership of a small capital ship that was called the Hummingbird [subject to change]. The crew that was using the ship as a freight-hauler before being bought, was kept on board to run daily operations and maintenance whilst making some money by hauling goods when not directed to go somewhere.

A number of Star-hopper Company moved away from the operation as it was just getting started, leaving Kree Jac in the reigns. He let a number of his contacts, all in the most random locations and places around the galaxy, know that they were looking for quality sentients from any background to live aboard the Hummingbird and take on work to make their wage, from medicine to mechanical work and most importantly people who are eager to adventure and do mercenary work. Each of the player characters that par-take in the Community Game find their way onto the ship, where it is their new home a-broad.
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