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Located in the Abron system, homeworld of the Alpheridians, and adopted homeworld of the Miraluka.

Region: Expansion Region
Sector: Farstey
System: Abron
Trade Route(s): -
Strategic Location: -

Sun(s): 1: Aber
Orbital Position: -
Moon(s): None
Length of Day: 21 standard hours
Length of Year: 450 local days

Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Cool
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Standard
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Hills, mountains, plains
Points of Interest: Culu Memorial Center
Native Flora: -
Native Fauna: Thizzle-bug

Native Species: Alpheridians
Immigrated Species: Miraluka 90%, Alpheridian 7%, other species 3%
Population: 1 million
Languages: Galactic Basic Standard
Government: Oligarchy, Government Council, 23 representatives
Tech Level: Hyperspace
Planet Function: Homeworld
Major Cities: Several small settlements
Major Exports: None
Major Imports: None

Special Conditions: None

Capsule: Alpheridies is located within the Abron system, situated on the edge of a giant molecular cloud called the Veil. Standard hyperspace trade routes bypass the system and its inhabitants, segregating the planet from the rest of galactic civilization. Sometime after 7000 BBY, Alpheridies was discovered by the Miraluka who migrated to planet when their homeworld entered a phase of severe geophysical and geochemical instability, causing the atmosphere to vent into space.

In 3996 BBY Mandalorian Crusaders launched an assault on the Alepheridies and conquered the world. Eventually, the Galactic Republic was able to drive the Mandalorians from the world. Sometime afterwards, the Jedi Order established the Culu Memorial Center and a Jedi academy on Alperidies. Despite the Jedi presence however, the Alpheridies was again conquerors around 3958-3956 BBY.

Since the Abron system's red dwarf star emits energy in the infrared spectrum, the Miraluka gradually lost their ability to sense and process visible light waves. At some point the Miraluka developed the ability to "see" their surroundings by sensing the slight vibrations given off by all objects in the Force. The Miraluka eventually settled across the planet, focusing on agriculture, they required little in the way of offworld commodities. Small industrial sections arose in a few larger population centers, the most advanced technologies manufactured included small computers, repulsorlift parts, and farming equipment.

The Miraluka follow an oligarchic form of government in which all policies and laws are legislated by a council of twenty three representatives, one from each of the planet's provinces. State legal codes are enforced by local constables. Being isolationists, few Miraluka leave Alpheridie, being content with their peaceful lives, and having no desire to disrupt the equilibrium. Over the centuries, young Miraluka experienced irrepressible wanderlust that led them off planet. Miraluka encountered away from Abron usually have a nomadic nature, settling in one area for only a short time before growing bored. Some Miraluka would eventually settle down. The Miraluka had at least one colony world, Katarr.

Sources: Wookieepedia. Stats by +Oliver Queen.
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