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Ahoy, all. I'm a regular poster in the D6 G+ group, and am responsible for the Obscure Character entries that have popped up on "Character Tuesday" there for about the past two years, as well as more recently on the RancorPit Forums. Of late, I have collaborated with Oliver on a few of the upcoming sourcebooks (Rebels S2 and now S3, Rogue One, and Droids: The Animated Series) and it's been great fun.

I first played SWD6 back in middle school, through high school and then off and on in college. We had a regular core group of folks with whom I played in those days and I have taken about equal turns as Player and GM over the years. In 2015, I retired my longest running PC (the character was created in the late 1990s), and she got to ride off into the sunset after having starred in a number of long-running campaigns. After a fairly long hiatus from RPGs, it was the premiere of Rebels, and the discovery of the d6 holocron and the SWD6 g+ group in 2014 that really renewed my interest in Star Wars and in D6.

Re: gaming habits, I am a man of my word, but as of now, don't quite have as much time to devote, and so I am hanging back from committing until some RL time constraints work themselves out. I'll likely also post a request in PbP (a game type which I' ve never participated in previously, but seems to be the most time conducive for me, for now).

I would be interested in playing "live" online in the near future, and once more time is available further down the road, to GM as well. I am most fond of the Rebellion era, and have more of an interest in character-based missions that tech and gear focused ones (one of our regulars was the embodiment of an overly encumbered, gear-toting rules lawyer). As a GM, I prefer a more streamlined "pick a difficulty and roll approach", though I do back everything with extensive, obsessive-compulsive research. Combat and proper "role" playing have been about 50/50 split in games I've participated in. As a player, I tend to gravitate toward some cliche archetypes, but I do try to play them with interesting twists that subvert the trope in (hopefully) interesting ways. I prefer a heroic, space operatic tone as well.

Thanks for reading and may this community-based sandbox setting really take hold and take off!
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