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Arkanian v2.0

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Arkanian v2.0
A near-Human species which resides primarily on the frozen planet of Arkania in the Perave system of the Colonies region of the galaxy.

Biology and Appearance
Arkanians consider themselves the pinnacle of evolution, and are distinctly arrogant. Arkanian scientists have been experts in genetic manipulation for millennia, and by the Mandalorian Wars have split into many sub-species. Most pure blood Arkanians have pure white eyes and four clawed digits on each hand.

Arkanians can see into the infrared spectrum, helpful on Arkania's dark and frigid surface. When traveling off-world, many wear blinders on planets with hotter, younger suns. Arkanian's do not share share the same galactic taboo concerning cybernetics and bioengineering, often enhancing themselves. Arkanians commonly undergo individual genetic manipulation, to be better than "lesser" species.

Society and Culture
The defining trait of Arkanians is their natural arrogance, stemming from their belief, they are the pinnacle of evolution. Often appearing arrogant and aloof, many see themselves as superior to all other species. Even Arkanians with moderate viewpoints tend to see themselves as among the most intelligent beings in the galaxy and are highly confident of their abilities.

Though arrogant Arkanians, are deeply offended by impoliteness, demanding the offending individual to make amends or risk being ostracized. The offender can redeem themselves by offering a gift as a sign of their sincerity. If unsuccessful, the Arkanian is further offended, typically storming away. When Akanians are greatly offended, they will routinely speak badly of the offending, especially if if the offender leaves without apologizing. Strongly offended Arkanians have been known to have offenders arrested, detain starships from leaving the planet, and often make overt threats.

The accumulation of knowledge and research are prized in Arkanian society, leading to many highly skilled academics and scientists. With their boundless arrogance, great wealth, and dedication is rarely matched by other species, with the scientific community creating research projects easily matching those of the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire. Some Arkanian projects often take generations to unfold. Arkanian society uses their gifts of intellect, knowledge, and research to generate profit for themselves and the corporations they work for, often amassing great wealth through questionable tactics, such as medical treatments entering the market at opportunistic times. Arkanian scientists are known as innovative researchers and famous for their skills in genetic manipulation, stemming from the Arkanian's fascination with the genome of other races.

Arkanians have performed genetic experimentation within their own species, leading to the creation of Arkanian Offshoots, also known as sub-species, engineered to perform specific tasks. Occasionally, racist "pure blood" Arkanians conduct purges of Offshoot populations. Reaction to Offshoots varies, some viewing them as tools or slaves, but many believe they are an example and consequence of Arkanian corporate greed.

Results of Arkanian scientific work has led to great advances in the fields of medical technology (including medical cybertechnology) and medical techniques throughout the galaxy. Some techniques are considered great atrocities, leading many races to hold negative views of Arkanians. Many Arkanians are embarrassed, even horrified by some of the programs committed in the name of science.

Native to the Colonies planet, Arkania, a world of frozen tundra and intense cold. The rich gem mines led to robust Galactic Republic offworld development and construction of elaborate trade cities. The influx of commerce allowed Arkanian culture to flourish and known throughout the galaxy for its talented, extremely reclusive scientists. is has been rumored for generations that the Arkanian scientists were involved in the creation of several species.

The Akanian reputation for experimentation on other species genome are mostly accurate. One of the earliest project was the creation of the Quermian species from the Xexto, they later abandoned the clandestine experiments, fearing legal action from the Galactic Republic. During the Mandalorian-Jedi War, Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania implemented Project Black Harvest, launched by Lord Arkoh Adasca, intending to use the project as a means of gaining political power for himself through manipulation of the genome of ancient exogorths.

In 490 BBY, Arkanian scientists attempted to "uplift" the dim-witted Yaka, increasing the intelligence of the previously simple-minded race. Criticism was leveled at the Arkanians for their actions toward the Yaka and many Arkanians protested against the Arkanian Dominion government. Though dramatically increasing the Yaka intelligence with cybernetic enhancements, they unfortunately removed all emotions from race. In 50 BBY, a group of renegade Arkanian scientists, disapproving of the systematic alteration of the Yaka genome, built an army of cyborg knights to overthrow the dominant government, the Arkanian Dominion, leading to the Arkanian Revolution. The rebel scientists were defeated when the Jedi intervened in the war.

Following the revolution, the rebel scientists attempt to enact change to the typical Arkanian mindset failed, surprisingly the Arkanian people are among the most vocal members of the Galactic Senate. Repeatedly, investigations were conducted by the Galactic Senate into the activity of Arkanian scientists projects. This would continue into the emergence of the Galactic Empire, when it was known that many Arkanians worked in the secret laboratories of the Death Star Project. During the Galactic Civil War, many Galactic Republic sympathizers blamed the Arkanians for unleashing bio-weapons, purposefully incriminating Arkanian scientists as complicit workers for the Galactic Empire. After the Battle of Endor, these allegations led to blocking Arkania from membership in the fledgling New Republic government.

Arkanians in the Galaxy
Well known Arkanians include Jedi Master Arca Jeth, who rose to fame fighting numerous campaigns. In his final mission Arca defended the galaxy from the rise of a Sith cult. Master Jeth, highly regarded within the Jedi Order and Arkanian society, trained many students at his praxeum located in the snow fields of Arkania.

Personality: Arkanians are arrogant and regard themselves superior to all other species. Even those with a more moderate viewpoint still believe themselves to be among the more intelligent species in the galaxy. As such they prefer the company of fellow Arkanians. Arkanian "offshoots" do not share this arrogant attitude, though they are highly confident of their own abilities nonetheless.

Physical Description: Both Arkanians and "offshoots" are bipedal near-humans. Arkanian eyes have no visible iris or pupil, a trait not shared by "offshoots". Arkanians have gold-orange skin tones and white hair, whereas "offshoots" have white skin and could display other lesser genetic anomalies. Arkanians have hands with four clawed digits, whereas "offshoots" have five fingers.

Homeworld: The frigid and inhospitable world of Arkania, in the Perave System of the Colonies Region. "Offshoots" who have left Arkania are scattered throughout the sector, hiding in the lower reaches of society.

Language: Akanians speak their native language, as well as Galactic Basic. "Offshoots" speak Galactic Basic and a Arkanian dialect based on Old Arkanian.

Examples of Names: Arkoh Adasca, Dolvan Genarik, Kalor Nelprin, Marael Kortva, Sulan Bek.

Examples of "Offshoot" Names: Edessa, Gorman Vandrayk, Jarel, Zadawi.

Home Planet: Arkania
Attribute Dice: 12D
Special Abilities:

-- Darkvision: Arkanians can see in total darkness up to 20 meters distance (+4D bonus modifier against visual environmental conditions).
Story Factors:
-- Arrogance: Arkanians are typically arrogant, believing that they have reached the pinnacle of evolution.
-- Infamy: Arkania is known for their dedication to aggressive scientific research, giving them a reputation as amoral scientists.
Move: 10/12
Size: 1.6 to 2.2 meters tall.

Ultimate Alien Anthology (pages 15-16), Knights of the Old republic Campaign Guide (pages 10-11), Aliens Stats (pages 13-14). Text from wookieepedia, tweaking by +Oliver Queen.
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