Miraluka v2.0

Miraluka v2.0

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Miraluka v2.0
The Miraluka are a near-human species that lack eyes, retaining only vestigial eye sockets, perceiving their surroundings by sensing the slight Force vibrations emanated from all objects. Though Miraluka are all technically Force Sensitive, an individual’s ability to harness the Force for other than sight, varies greatly. Miraluka are not concerned with appearing human, but prefer not to draw attention to themselves when traveling, often with decorative cloth.

The Miraluka migrated to Alpheridies millennia ago when their original homeworld was rendered uninhabitable. For nearly four thousand years an uncountable number of Miraluka joined the Jedi order, participating in many of the Orders major battles. Miraluka, unsuited to becoming full-fledged Jedi served the Order as teachers and administrators.

Miraluka are thoughtful, cautious, and deliberative, showing little interest in personal gain or glory. In Miraluka society, many wear a headband, mask, or similar concealing headwear. The Miraluka are a close-knit race, referring to one another as "brothers" and members of a great family. Many Miraluka believe in the Greater Force, worshiping Ashla and Bogan, not believing in good or evil.

Miraluka Sith are rare, the species' outlook on life and the Force are largely incompatible with Sith teachings. However, as with all who feel the Force, a fall into darkness is possible. Those falling to the dark side had many ailments, chief among those is a distortion of sight. Sometimes causing mass hysteria, visions, and nightmares induced into reality as hallucinations. Due to this, many Miraluka had a natural fear of falling to the dark side.

With the Rise of the Empire, the Miraluka suffered terribly. The Jedi Purge wiped out thousands of Miraluka, survivors attempted to hide, blending into Galactic society, others attempted to join the rebellion. Miraluka who were caught were often pressed into service to the Empire. Those strong in the Force were often tortured and coerced into falling to the dark side, many destroyed themselves rather than embrace the dark side and possibly endure the horrors of distorted vision.

By 14 ABY, the Miraluka began to rejoin galactic society and joining the New Republic.

Personality: Miraluka are a thoughtful, cautious, and deliberative species. They have little interest in personal gain or glory. Once they commit to a plan or course of action, they rarely change their mind.

Physical Description: The near-human Miraluka average 1.8 meters with featureless eye sockets. They often cover their featureless eye sockets with decorative cloth or visors, especially when traveling.

Homeworld: Alpheridies, a terrestrial planet in the Abron system, lying on the spinward edge of the Expansion Region.

Languages: Miraluka speak Miralukese and Basic.

Example Names: Damaya Guru, Embrul Joff, Jerec, Q'Anilia, Shoaneb Culu, Visas Marr, Zebron Tadro.

Attribute Dice: 11D

Special Abilities:
-- The Gift: The Miraluka have developed the ability to percieve their surroundings by sensing the slight Force vibrations emanated from all objects. This allows Miraluka to see in total darkness, read/write as though sighted, but cannot see colors. Miraluka recognize individuals by the unique aura each creates in the Force. In any location where the Force is in some way cloaked, the Miraluka are effectively blind (-4D to all skill rolls normally requiring sight).
-- The Burden: Miraluka are sensitive to the Force to varying degrees. At character creation Miraluka who take Force Sensitivity gain +1D to Sense.

Sources: WEG Tales of the Jedi Companion (pages 101-102), WotC Ultimate Alien Anthology (page 97), WotC Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide (pages 16-17). Stats by +Oliver Queen.
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