Moss Kibber

Moss Kibber

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Moss Kibber
Type: Ex-Bounty Hunter Turned Rebel Sympathizer
Gender/Species: Male/Koboth Age: 31 Height: 1.8 meters Weight: 60 kilograms
Physical Description: Moss is very tall, his carapace is golden yellow with orange flecks. His large bug-like eyes and mandibles are intimidating. A rifle slung over one shoulder, a blaster on his hip.

Blaster 6D, (s) Blaster: rifle/carbine 7D, Dodge 6D.
Intimidation 3D.
Brawling 6D, (s) Brawling: martial arts 7D.

Special Abilities:
-- 360˚ Vision: Due to their compound eyes and the presence of a third eye on the back of their heads, Koboks can see in all directions at once and cannot be flanked under normal circumstances. In game terms, Koboks gain a +1D species bonus to any search checks required to detect ambushes or determine surprise.
-- Natural Armor: A Kobok’s carapace provides +2 vs. physical damage and +1 vs. energy damage.
-- Poisonous Barbs/Foreclaws: Koboks possess sharp barbs on their forearms and legs, which inflict STR+2 damage when used while brawling. If a Kobok deals damage with its barbs or foreclaws, the target must make a Moderate stamina roll. Failure means the target suffers 3D damage and must roll again or be paralyzed for 1 minute.
Story Factors:
-- Infamy: Koboks are regarded as cunning killers by the majority of the galactic population (+2 modifier to intimidation rolls).

Equipment: Blaster pistol (4D), blaster rifle (5D), bounty hunter armor (+1D vs damage), utility belt, comlink.

Move: 10
Force Sensitive? No
Character Points: 5
Dark Side Points: 0
Force Points: 1

Background: Moss has been known by many names. Working in the expanse and outer rim. He keeps his previous life private and affords others the same respect.

Personality: Moss seems detached, as if missing something. He is protective of his friends but there is a disconnect in there. Feelings are hard for him. He is no-nonsense when it comes to the mission and will always perform the hard stuff so others don't have to. He knows life is tough and that not everyone can make the choice when needed.

Objectives/Goals/Secrets: To protect his friends, protect others from the things he has had to do and seen. He was a cold-blooded killer once, an assassin for hire, with over ten confirmed kills.

A Quote: "We can do this the easy way ... or the hard way. Don't make me have to choose which!"

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