Introduction and General Information

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Introduction and General Information

PostPosted by Tommy » Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:29 pm

The Star War's D6 Community Game is aimed to bring the community closer together in a fun way by inviting everybody to one big massive game. What happens will be shaped by the players actions and the GMs involved in the creation of this game. This idea is similar to something like West-Marches or a Darkstryder thing. The setting is the same for everyone in the game, though all the gameplay- it being obviously being difficult to host a game for 20-40 players- is going to be done in sessions of available players (GM's choice of amount of players) on roll20 or post by post on the forums.

GM's will be able to host sessions on their set dates and invite players to show up. The adventures they go on can be from one-shot missions that take a single session, maybe even more, to a longer campaign. These games occur within the over-arching plot and setting. Post by post play will be available under these forums as well for passive roleplay and adventures. Players in the community are encouraged to do both, and roleplay when they can as what makes the community game great is the interaction between the players. GM's of the community game will act as admins as well as leading the community game in-characterly until player's characters step up and can take over in the roleplay setting.

To join the game it's asked the player, in order:
  • Already knows the rules and accepts the social contract
  • Read the lore information for the setting of this game and follow the character template
  • Makes a character sheet under this category for the game and it's approved
  • Then you should be in the game and ready to play when you find a game posting that fits you

Main Handbook: ... 9.pdf?dl=0
Galaxy Guide Handbook (helpful to the lore and setting + some equipment): ... sp=sharing
Saga Conversion Handbook 3 (great material for RACES/SPECIES and stats): ... sp=sharing

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