Archeon Nebula

Archeon Nebula

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Archeon Nebula

A nebula in the Lothal sector of the Outer Rim Territories that the Archeon Pass passes through. The Archeon Nebula is a stellar nursery that is the breeding ground for new stars.

Points of Interest
    Archeon Pass: A treacherous hyperspace route used by smugglers that runs through the Archeon Nebula.

Game Note:
  • The thick gaseous clouds of the Archeon Pass makes navigation and sensor readings difficult. Treat it as Moderate (15+) terrain. If the roll fails the ship becomes lost within the nebula. Sensors give no bonus while within the nebula. All vision-based Perception rolls suffer a 1D penalty.
  • Hyperdrive engines and positively charged energy weapons, such as proton torpedoes, are known to ignite the gas clouds inside the nebula. If the gases are within the nebula it will cause a massive explosion (1/2/3/4 space units, 10D/7D/5D/3D capital scale damage). If near the edges of the nebula and such an energy weapon is used, it creates a plume of expanding super-heated gas (range and damage are treated the same, but the plume will burn for several minutes to possibly hours).
  • Proto-stars within the nebula are dangerous, emitting both heat and high levels of energy several space units from the main body. Ships passing close to proto-stars have a high chance of taking damage (1-2/3/5 space units, 9D/7D/4D damage rolled at the beginning of every round until 6 space units distant from proto-star).

Source: SWRe 3.18 "Secret Cargo", wookieepedia.
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