Signature Modulator

Signature Modulator

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Signature Modulator
A stealth technology that allows starships to disguise their signature.

Signature Modulator
Type: Transponder mask
Scale: Starfighter
Skill: Computer programming/repair (to add a "signature")
Cost: Not available for sale ( estimated)
Availability: 4, X (planetary governments or black market)
Difficulty: Difficult space transport repair, Moderate computer programming/repair (to install)
Game Notes:
-- Installing the required equipment and control board is expensive as well as time consuming (10+ hours).
-- A counterfeit signature needs to be purchased from the black market, requiring several hours to days and possibly weeks. Depending on what is needed the cost can range from several hundred credits to thousands. Typically a counterfeit is only good for a few weeks to several months, possibly longer if lucky.
-- Typically the counterfeit should match the make and model of the ship it is being used for. Depending on if a visual inspection is being made, this may not be important.
-- Once the signature is logged by law enforcement, it will no longer be of any use.

Source: SWRe 1.11 "Idiot's Array" (equipped on the "Ghost", SWRe 3.18 "Secret Cargo" (equipped on the "Chandrila Mistress"), wookieepedia. Stats by +Oliver Queen.
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