Here we go! (Warning: long introduction)

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Here we go! (Warning: long introduction)

PostPosted by ohmega » Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:43 pm

(Hate to be first, but since link-posting is disabled until I make a post first, I have no other choice...)

Since ~11 years now, I go my way with roleplaying games. Starting back in 2008 with the videogame Neverwinter Nights, my roots with roleplay, Pen & Paper (aka tabletop for some people) and all that stuff, lay within that game. At that time the game had a multiplayer with astounding possibilities, as it was designed for that kind of thing. I started first as a player, later as a GM for around three years.

With Neverwinter Nights, which was built around the setting Forgotten Realms from the known roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons, my downwards spiral into the depths of RPGs began. Since then I came into contact with many systems and settings, but unfortunately I couldn’t play all of them. That’s still on my to-do-list.

It was more or less coincidence I found out about Star Wars D6. It wasn’t my first choice at that time. The currently running Saga Edition was more to my liking, since it originated from D&D (wich I was familiar with).
I tried it though, but thanks to some beginner mistakes and 1 of 2 players wasn’t into Star Wars it went... not really good. So I took Saga for around two years. Meanwhile I discovered my mistakes and since then I always wanted to give the D6 system another try. But thanks to RL, rotating systems and GMs within my gaming group, I never had the chance.

But thanks to REUP, Rancor Pit, the G+ group, Roll20 and my gained experience over the years I hope I will have more chances to play/GM it in the future.
I have enough ideas, but... well, classic issues like RL and time might hinder that attempt. But I’m confident that something will be possible, even when it’s not much.

Type of Player:
I like quirky characters. Be it a stutterer, one-eyed, with anger-issues, curious or whatever. Characters with one or more flaws and at least one stereotypical characteristic. Most people can play the heroic Skywalker-stile, but in my opinion it’s the little quirks and flaws, that make characters memorable.

And I like equipment and trinkets, the more the better. But that comes from my previous experience. I’m mostly used to systems with whole books full of stuff. Sure, you can always say it’s common sense that character X has equipment Y. But I actually need these things on my sheet to get in the mood or to picture them.
That’s the reason why my first merchant character had full four pages of items for his mule-driven cart.

I don’t have a real favorite of what kind of character to play. I look into the description, make my inspiration ritual (which consists of a movie, series, comic/novel and/or music) and come up with what I want to play.

Type of GM:
For my GMing I have two opposites as my specialties. There are the classic adventurous stories, like treasure hunts. Following clues, traveling to different planets across the galaxy, meeting all kinds of NPCs to interact with and the big booty at the end.
And there are the dark, twisted and gritty stories. That kind of adventure that demands a lot from the characters. And maybe leaves them with a loose end.
And I like cliff-hangers between campaign adventures, also epic endings with a lot of explosions, impossible-to-escape traps, 0% chances and big sceneries.

For the first part (adventurous), I have mostly only a rough draft of what will come. In these stories I like the characters to take most of the initiative. Sure, I have an overshadowing arc, but it’s mostly at the character’s hands to follow it. If I get the feeling a scene is going nowhere, I will intervene of course.
That kind of adventure is more on the fun and space opera side. Hopefully with swashbuckling stunts and hilarious whoopsies.

The darker versions of my stories are far more serious and worked out in more detail. Think of a Rakghoul plague with a little, innocent but infected child. The type of story where you have to make a choice: Keep the child with you and live with the danger to get yourself infected, or take ‘the other choice’.
I’m quite good to distinguish between fictional story and possible relation to RL. But because of that I always ask the players, in private, first what they are able to endure. Depending on the answers, either the scenes are adapted or the descriptions are mostly general.
The alternative is – if I’m really in the mood for some dark toned story – to advise players which are sensitive to that kind of adventure, to keep away.

But regardless of the type of game, I like my players to play most of the time in-character. I’m always hoping for quality-roleplay. And since I’m sacrificing a lot of my already short time to generate adventures, I want to satisfy my evil GM-urges with good roleplay and a short yet fun time.

Because of that, I’m on the ‘story-trumps-rules’ side of the rope. I will bend, break and cheat rules behind the screen, if necessary or appropriate. For example: Once I created two dark jedi twins, one of them with a unique force power. That power was completely made up by myself, quite absolute in its effects and maybe a bit unfair. Why? Because it was cool, ended in an epic scene and fit into the story, period.
Lucky for my players, that goes for them too. No unique powers, but I tend to let things loose sometimes. When I get the feeling the idea of player X fits into the scene or might lead to a cool stunt (or despite my warnings will end in a hilarious fail), why the hell not? Roll X and you are good to go... fail... whatever!

Other (un)noteworthy stuff:
I’m not used to playing in English, at least not spoken English. In fact I had my very first English real-time game with Gordon three weeks ago.
So keep in mind that I will not always understand others, not know every word and my narration will be more simple, full of stutters and with a heavy accent. Also be aware that I will ask people two or more times to repeat themselves or make something clear to me, simply because I didn’t understand what they meant.
But I hope that will improve over time and that there will be some nice, fun time with this game and its people.

(Gee... That’s far more than intended... Meh, at least I don’t have to read through all that nonsense. *HrHr*)
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